How to take Screenshot in Mac

. On Non-Rooted Pre-Android 4.0 Devices

Prior to the presentation of Android 4.0 in October 2011, there was no real way to take a screenshot utilizing the working framework.


Unmistakably, relatively few individuals are utilizing old adaptations of Android on their telephones. Yet, in the event that you’ve been compelled to utilize Gingerbread or Honeycomb – maybe on the grounds that your fundamental gadget is out of activity and you’re utilizing an old extra – you have to know how to take screenshots as well.

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The best strategy for non-attached gadgets is to utilize the Android SDK. Yes, it’s unwieldy to setup, however it’s the most trustworthy approach.

Which Method Do You Use?

I trust I’ve demonstrated to you how assorted the distinctive strategies are.

Take Screenshot Mac

To abridge, insofar as you’re utilizing Android 4.0 or later (and you most likely are), your telephone will have the capacity to take screenshots locally. In case you’re searching for extra alternatives, you ought to swing to an outsider application, and in case you’re running a prior rendition of Android, you’ll have to either root your gadget or utilize a desktop application.

Which strategy do you depend on? Have you found an outsider application that has preferred components over the ones I recorded? Do you favor attaching your gadget to open up the additional alternatives